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May. 3rd, 2005 11:52 pm
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It hasn't been the best week for car stuff. Last week, while visiting Cambridge, I got a parking ticket - my first in my own car - on Broadway (between Prospect and Norfolk) for parking on the wrong half of the block, in the 2-hour zone rather than the permit-parking zone. Tonight, back at home, I had the clerk at the fast-food drive-through window recognize my car and ask me if I wanted to sell it (I think that's the fourth such solicitation so far). That's always a nice little ego boost. Two minutes later, though, I got pulled over by a cop and informed (after a minute of wondering if I had entirely hallucinated the light changing to green) that my passenger-side tail light and brake light were out. I got a warning on the tail light, but a ticket on the brake light. I'm still trying to work out if this costs me any SDIP points.

I guess I get to go and see how soggy the back end of my car really is when it's daylight again.
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Car stereo #0: Crap that was in my car when I bought it. Noisy, no antenna, generally useless.

Car stereo #1: Stolen when my car was broken into.

Car stereo #2: Flaky faceplate connector that broke and rendered it useless within a year.

Car stereo #3: Decided last night that it doesn't like CDs any more.


Jan. 19th, 2005 12:06 am
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Today was probably not the ideal day to have the car in the shop, miss the once-every-90-minutes bus because it was a few minutes early to our stop, and then walk 2 or 3 miles instead. Brrrrr.

But the good news is that the car is out of the shop, is no longer leaking brake fluid, has its muffler reattached. For the first time in my 21 months owning the car, it has a valid inspection sticker. However, it's reminded me that owning a car is expensive. I should defer toy purchases for a while to make up for it. But really, it would be good for me to defer most of my toy purchases into the indefinite future anyway - that's why they're toys, I don't need them, and if I don't need them, I'm probably better resisting the urge to buy them. It's not like I don't have any toys already.
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Fixing things improves my quality of life.

Last week I got the nasty rust spots on my car fixed, so I should be able to get it inspected now, and I'll stop cringing every time it rains. The shop did a great job with the paint, although he managed to paint my gas cap while he was at it. In a total small-town moment, I paid him with a personal check and no ID.

This weekend I disassembled my iBook and replaced the backlight cable so I can bend the screen back past 90 degrees. Suddenly, it's much more pleasant to use, and I now know how to take the (*&^*& thing apart. It was disconcerting how many screws were quite loose or missing entirely - presumably from the time I sent it in for repair three years ago.

Next up might be getting sound out of the left channel in the car (it stopped working at some point), or getting the homebrew system going again. I'm a bit worried about the messiness level of that in the kitchen, since our kitchen is (stupidly) carpeted. Maybe a giant tarp?
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My car is maybe 65% shoveled out. I took a few pictures and got a time-lapse series of unburying it.
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Yesterday afternoon I came home early to go shopping for Tuesday dinner. When I got to my car, parked on the street in front of the Putnam Cafe, I found that the passenger window had been smashed and the radio had been ripped roughly out of the console.

pictures of damage )

All for a $30 radio. I'm pissed. My housemate's car, parked right in front of mine, had a much nicer stereo and was untouched. Maybe the scumbag thought that car was more likely to have an alarm.

Today I vacuumed out the broken glass and took it to Hondar House to get the console put back together and the window glass replaced. We'll see how painful this ends up being.

Of course, now I'm in the market for another radio. I kind of liked that model (aiwa cdc-x227) - it had the key feature of a front-panel line in jack - they're still cheap on eBay, and I've got a spare wiring harness for it. Perhaps I'll buy another and be more careful about taking off the faceplate (does that really deter thieves? I see radios without faceplates sold anyway, and if the thief suspects that the faceplate is nearby, such as in the glove box, they'll still break the window to find that out).

New toy!

May. 4th, 2003 05:24 pm
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A couple of weeks ago I got a new toy - a car! Now that I've driven it around a bit (including 1100 miles to Virginia and back), I've taken a few pictures and put them online.

I expect to be spending a lot of quality time with some sandpaper this summer.


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