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DDR Extreme is not impressing me.

None of the songs have yet jumped out at me as being irresistibly cool. Maybe I just haven't gotten to or unlocked them yet, but so far it's okay but not great.

The UI has changed. It's not obviously an improvement. Various steps have different effects - scrolling through songs is backwards from MAX and MAX2; changing difficulty is single up/down steps instead of double, so it's much easier to do accidentally. There are fewer songs visible at a time, and you can only see the scores of the current song. On the plus side, you can see letter grades for all difficulty levels for the current song. And I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the groove radar.

This is all compounded by one pad finally failing annoyingly and starting songs while we're still scrolling through them. It's not the game's fault, but it's not helping any, either.

The Eyetoy stuff is not working so well for us. Having a dark-wood wall behind it probably isn't helping any.
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Today I finished the first and largest stage of what should be a big and exciting contract and delivered the result to the customer. That means slightly less deadline pressure in the immediate future, which is good. The project itself wasn't bad; the schedule was somewhat demanding for the variable task of debugging an OS on novel hardware.

I can use some free time, because DDR Extreme (US) is supposed to make it out to our hinterlands any day now. The living room has been cleared out in preparation.

It'll also be good to have more time to think about cooking, and to push along the process of getting a gas stove installed. It puzzles me that both the price I'm paying and the price in Consumer Reports are higher than the listed MSRP.

After the project was "delivered" (bah, Comcast uplink speeds), we went out for dinner. The restaurant, Judie's, was described by a review book as "aging gracefully". It certainly had a lot of 1977 still going on, mostly unashamedly. My feelings were mixed. What was a gustatory revelation in America in 1977 is not so exciting now. My dish was decent (lamb shank), though I'm not sure they know about flavors other than salt. They also claim to be "home of the popover". But in my heart, the home of popovers is the Jordan Pond House. I would like to go there again, but I hear that it is no longer as nice as my memory of it from 1983.

Finally, we went to see a movie - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was overdone, but I enjoyed it. It was so pulpy that it hurt. Retro-future is totally my genre of choice (see also my fascination with the Wasteland and Fallout games). The really evocative bits were towards the beginning - The movie went quickly enough that there wasn't time to dwell on any of the ridiculousness that went on, even beyond the things that are part of the pulp genre.

Spoilers )

At any rate, I have to go reread The Gernsback Continuum now.


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