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Happy all-ones birthday to me!


May. 4th, 2006 01:40 pm
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It's that time again. I'll be going on Saturday this year, maybe for one session, maybe for both. Who's game?
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Okay, the right answer to "What do I do Tuesday night in San Jose?" turned out to be Corteo. It was great. I had good seats in the VIP section, without paying VIP prices, and I made a new fan out of the consultant we're working with here. I loved the mininal nature of the Cyr wheel. I got to volley the tiny baloon-supported woman into the air as she drifted near my section. It was all stunning, in good ways.

I want my funeral to be like that.

Afterwards, however, things went downhill. Finding a taxi to get back to our respective hotels was more difficult than it should have been; the first one we'd called didn't show up at all, and the second one (which we called from a different company about when the first didn't show) was 10 minutes late arriving and only showed up after I noticed the light rail a block away and started plotting to take that (which would get us to his hotel but not me to mine). Upon arriving at my hotel, my cardkey didn't work. That was a bad sign. Due to some miscommunication, I'd originally been booked for one night, but extended it this morning; something about the cardkey system didn't reflect that [*]. Once I did get into the room, I discovered that the stuff I'd left behind - clothes, a book, toiletries - were missing. The front desk thinks that housekeeping wouldn't normally do that, even if they did think I was checking out, but they also didn't find them in the lost and found. They now have to wait for the day staff to arrive to ask them what happened. The only things I would really miss if this stuff disappears are the boots, but it's still quite annoying.

I could use a beer. Sadly, the hotel bar had last call while I was waiting for the desk to tell me if they knew where my stuff went.

Oh, yeah, and there were business meetings today. I guess they were okay.

[*] Are hotel room key systems online, with the doors wired in to a central system? Or are they merely timekeepers, and the cards contain the allowed dates for the room? Or something else? Knowledgeable people, inform me!


Nov. 4th, 2005 10:21 pm
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Cider Day!

[ profile] alphacygni and I and possibly my brother will be going tomorrow, at the very least to the apple tastings in Colrain and the "Cider Salon" at 5 in Shelburne Falls, as well as whatever else strikes our fancy. Maybe some of the Slow Food events on Sunday (at the Deerfield Inn).

Who's wants to go?
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A band with several of my friends in it, Brazilnut, is playing Ryles tomorrow night. This makes "the big time" for them. It'll be great! Come and shake your booty. Impress your friends by knowing someone who knows someone in the band, or something like that.

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And nothing demonstrates how crowded it is better than the fact that I spent an hour in a traffic jam in the middle of the Mojave desert. It's the DESERT. It should be the middle of NOWHERE and be EMPTY (the problem, of course, is that it's smack between LA and Vegas, and a lot of people make it a weekend trip).

But I made it to Barstow yesterday, and Mojave this morning, with time to spare, even if the spare time came out of my sleep. My somewhat arbitrary estimate is that there were 5000-10000 people present, based on my parking pass number, the size of the RV lot, and other fudge factors. Unexpectedly, I ran into [ profile] thomb's group (having spotted his Dogwood Moon shirt), and stuck with them for the duration.

Spaceplane launches aren't terribly photogenic, but that wasn't going to stop me, or any of the other gazillion people with cameras:
Ascent of SpaceShipOne carried by White Knight and chased by Starship )
Lousy picture of SpaceShipOne's rocket trail )
SpaceShipOne glides back down )
Chase planes perform flyover after SpaceShipOne lands )
SpaceShipOne and the pilot on the ground )
SpaceShipOne, Government Zero )
Well, yes, this is what private funding means )
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Today is the 57th anniversary of the Trinity test, the first detonation of a nuclear device. The detonation occured at 5:29:45am Mountain War Time (6 hours off GMT).


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