Sep. 9th, 2008 05:32 pm
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It's that time again! This year, I gained a new bit.
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Happy all-ones birthday to me!
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Note to self: Summer weather does not go well with the fuzzy terrycloth bathrobe. Find lighter-weight bathrobe.
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About a month ago, the radio in my alarm clock got tuned off of any particular station, and I've been waking up to static. So far so good; it does wake me up. The last couple of nights, though, I've discovered the peril of this situation. We set up the humidifier in the bedroom, and it makes a hissing noise not entirely unlike radio static.... and several times each night, I wake up thinking that it's my alarm.

To top things off, when I picked up my glasses this morning, one of the temples fell right off at the hinge. Untill I find that tube of superglue, my vision is slightly cockeyed. It's probably time for another prescription and a new pair of frames anyway.
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Fixing things improves my quality of life.

Last week I got the nasty rust spots on my car fixed, so I should be able to get it inspected now, and I'll stop cringing every time it rains. The shop did a great job with the paint, although he managed to paint my gas cap while he was at it. In a total small-town moment, I paid him with a personal check and no ID.

This weekend I disassembled my iBook and replaced the backlight cable so I can bend the screen back past 90 degrees. Suddenly, it's much more pleasant to use, and I now know how to take the (*&^*& thing apart. It was disconcerting how many screws were quite loose or missing entirely - presumably from the time I sent it in for repair three years ago.

Next up might be getting sound out of the left channel in the car (it stopped working at some point), or getting the homebrew system going again. I'm a bit worried about the messiness level of that in the kitchen, since our kitchen is (stupidly) carpeted. Maybe a giant tarp?


Sep. 30th, 2004 12:19 pm
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Discovering that we live directly underneath the flight path of the very large C-5 Galaxies coming out of Westover ARB is noisy, but fascinating.
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Twelve boxes later, and all of my books are packed. The bookshelves look distressingly naked.

Just have everything else to go.


Aug. 6th, 2004 12:20 am
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[ profile] alphacygni is running away and joining the circus.

I'm picking up my telecommuting job and going along for the ride.
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The pants I put on today have a hole in the front right pocket, so my keys, which are normally on a chain, would swing against my leg all day. So I took them off the chain and put them in the other pocket. Later, I left work a bit early to pick up my new cell phone. Then I got home and discovered I'd left my keys at the office, since they weren't attached to me. Things like this remind me that being clever in accommodating my forgetfulness is not the same as not being forgetful.

Another hour round-trip to get into my house seems dumber than waiting for a housemate to get home and let me in, where I can get the spare key to my car. Of course, technology being what it is, I can sit in the park next to my house and write this, since the wireless network spills over.
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Merry christmas to all, and to all a good night.
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It takes two loads of laundry to go from 0 to having something wearable.
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That is all.

Update: That was more obscure than I thought. It's my birthday today. Does it make sense now?
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Tonight not the right night for my room heater to stop working.

Key hate phrases: thermopile, pilot voltage generator, gas valve.


Aug. 26th, 2002 12:38 am
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Vacation: Great. Relaxing. Over.

Work: Current project uninspiring. Coworkers stressed about something I'd like to be more involved in. Other projects more inspiring

Social: Low-key but cool.


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